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Dean Haitani

Australian Dean Haitani's first introduction to blues music and a big influence on Dean’s blues guitar style was B.B. King’s “Live In Cook County” Album. Practicing 10 hours a day, Dean submerged himself in B.B. and any other music he could get his hands on. Major music influences include: Mark Knofler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Emmanuel, Albert Collins, Johnny Winter, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Billy Joel, Les Paul, Charlie Christian, Miles Davis, George Benson, The Gypsie Kings and The Bondi Cigars.

Two shows which show are offered to showcase Dean’s versatility and the many facets to his musical makeup. Dean’s solo acoustic shows comprise of foot percussion, a variety of guitars( plus octave, delay, distortion, phaser & wah effects), vocals & harmonica. Dean’s band shows range from raw 3 piece to full band (Keys, backup vocals, horn sections). Stylistically, Dean’s music is Roots Music (a melting pot of funky rhythms, jazzy influenced progressions, folk subtleties, country flavours & blues grit.) His music is contemporary, forever pushing the musical envelope, his tasteful, original songs are stories are from the heart & mind, with compassion for humanity.  “I always try to look at the world in a positive way with all it’s marvels and flaws”, he says.

Career highlights and festival appearances:

ABC Radio National, PBS, RRR, 3CR, Texas Blues Café, Argentina, Chicago, Japan

"Talk To Me" (2008)
"Dean Haitani" (2008)
"Book Of Covers Volume 1" (2008)
"Songs From Everyday Life" (2007)
"The Blues Album (Remastered)"
Australian Contemporary Blues -Various Artists


Dean Haitani (AUS)

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